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Mission Statement:

To help our users communicate and connect with other users, based on their likes and interests. OC will provide a platform for our users to live out their life passions through interactions with other users on the site. To provide our users with resources like news, informational videos and calendar of community activities among other things, that will help enrich our users’ experience. 

Omnipclub.Com :

We are a social network site based in New York City, created to connect people from all walks of life. People with varying interests in common, like music, fashion, cooking and sports among other things. We intend to provide our users with a way to connect and communicate  their preferences and tastes with other users.

Our vision is :

Statement Our vision is to actively contribute to the development of healthy relationships between our users, by connecting them through their common interests in education, technology and sports among others. To be a one-stop social network where our users can find any and all information through our site and through other, live community events .

Live your passion to the fullest  :